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June 2020

Something you truly will not understand without traveling outside of your nation is the insight of another culture’s way of life. How do their customs differ from yours when it comes to greeting another person or displaying certain table manners during a meal? Routine conventions of other foreign places signify the perpetual importance of diversity. For this reason, it’s pressing to be mindful and aware of different customs from other countries. With Globally Abroad, you can gain an entirely new

‘Global’ is a prefix that adorns itself over schools, companies, associations, and grocery markets. When you think of the word global, ‘exotic’ trade-deals and political agendas might come to mind, but how often is the word associated with empathy? Not money, not a desire to conquer and colonize, global citizenship is one phrase that embodies empathy.

It is a real inspiration seeing others in your life seek out their own adventures beyond the homestead while scrolling through socials. But then time goes on, your thoughts thicken with curiosity – shouldn’t you do the same? It doesn’t have to be the most extravagant place, but shouldn’t you be out there pursuing your driving force as well? We won’t always know what awaits us out in the world we have yet to see. Be that as it may,

The largest island that is the only place situated solely on islands, and is known as a country, is Indonesia. Some may get it confused with Greenland, which is simply the largest island in the world. As Greenland consists of similar island-aspects just like Indonesia – it is not a country, instead it is an independent territory within the country of Denmark. Now that we have a clear base of Indonesia’s Southeast Asian islandic requisites, let’s visit the largest island

Entering a new country, what can seem like a new world, can be uneasy regarding how to act and speak around the native people. Different nations possess different etiquette and ideas of how to do things and that can cause a newcomer to feel overwhelmed. This is no justification to act offensive to nor withdrawn from the culture, but an advantageous opportunity to practice mindfulness. This topic is a matter of being conscientious. Many of the ideas of respecting your

Beneath the excitement of planning a trip abroad is the reality of expenses. A lot of the time it can cause demotivation to those who struggle with money, to begin with. Although money is a tangible and significant part of reaching your destination, it is nothing compared to the intangible recollections you will have once you experience overseas. So, in turn, follow along for information that will help make funds the least of your worries and you can enjoy affording

The world of travel is changing dramatically compared to 10 years ago. According to Forbes, motioned-based travel (cycling trips, trail hiking, etc.) is a trend on the rise in 2020. Traveling off the beaten path has replaced the luxury travel experiences to Paris or Florence, etc. Motion-based travel can also be known as adventure travel. Adventure travel is a type of tourism involving experiencing remote or exotic locations to take part in physically challenging outdoor activities. So what motivates people

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