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Hidden Destinations

6 Beautiful Hidden Destinations

Do you have a strong inclination to travel globally, but want to trek further than the mainstream vacation spot? Look no further – coming up are a few of the world’s most hidden destinations you could be sequestered in. Apart from the coming places, experts say there are even more covert havens that rarely rendezvous with human presence. Will you be one of the few that set foot?

Republic of Congo
The land of the Republic of Congo includes an opening area called Maya Nord. It is located in the forests of Odzala-Kokoua National Park (27 of the World’s Secret Destinations, 2019), surrounded by really the only wild grounds and animals persisting. While it is not recommended you disturb these inhabitants if you dare to adventure to this uncivilized utopia you will witness elephants, leopards, buffalos, and much more indigenous life basking in their wilderness!

Lava Fields of Paricutín, Mexico
Site seeing a number of villages when visiting older Latin American locations is typical and those villages are usually somewhat developed. But here, in the city of Paricutín, Mexico the top half of the city’s old church is the lone overseer that weathered the 1943 ruinous volcanic eruption (27 of the World’s Secret Destinations, 2019). As of today, what’s left of the budding volcano is nothing but shoddy “lava fields.” It may seem a trip here is purposeless, but add a horse, a saddle, and your imagination – you got yourself a travel companion and a narrative of what Paricutín used to be.

Deviate from the Path in Barcelona’s Secret Gardens
In the Labyrinth Park of Horta, Barcelona (essentially, a maze of greenery) you can take a wrong turn and find secret ensembles of Greek gods. These grounds do not receive or fish for exploration from visitors, as only 750 people are given permission to peruse around in order to uphold its quality (27 of the World’s Secret Destinations, 2019). While entangled in this maze’s terrain you will run into multiple sculptures of Greek gods, including but not limited to Eros, the love god, which is fixed at the median of the maze. Visiting the Labyrinth Park in Barcelona is the perfect getaway if you’re seeking stillness and solitude in your day. It’s important to remember this even on vacation!

My Son Sanctuary, Vietnam
Sometimes traveling to certain places can involve taking on touchy topics. Especially those entailing ancient secrets of civilizations from previous times that are still to this day unknown. It may be the least mainstream of the list, but in the province of Quáng Nam, those secrets are waiting to be disclosed that were once kept by the civilization known as Champa. My Son Sanctuary seldom gets visitors. Which makes it that much more cryptic to those who do set foot on its grounds. Besides its Stonehenge-esque feel, if you decide to investigate further you will stumble upon the local burial place where a multitude of bright-colored tombstones echo little dollhouses (27 of the World’s Secret Destinations, 2019). This destination is not for the weak-willed. Tread carefully.

The Forgotten Gem
Rome is the city of outrageous architecture, the epicenter of Christianity, and so much more, but an important part of Rome’s history that isn’t always noted in the temple, the Roman Forum. Not only would you bypass the long lines of the Colosseum if you invested in a ticket to the Roman Forum, but you would also get advanced admission to the Colosseum after (27 of the World’s Secret Destinations, 2019). Hitting two birds with one stone right there! While the Colosseum outlines gladiatorial challenges that made history, the Roman Forum not only was utilized for religious, political, and social life; it also operated as a bank for the society of Rome. It was one of four temples that truly stimulated ancient Rome and its people.

Below Ground Caves of Yucatan
Yucatan, Mexico is known for its stunning tropical rainforests, jungles, and beaches that are crowded with both tourists and natives. But the whole point of this is to stray away from those crowds, right? The perfect spot for that is the Cenotes (27 of the World’s Secret Destinations, 2019). Apart from being a below ground cave, Cenotes used to be a hallowed place where Mayan people performed sacrificial offerings. Miles away, sunken under the ground, submerged in the surrounding water is a place not many have voyaged. That’s where the thrill comes in. Imagine being encircled by only the limestone rock towering over you and the water surfaced around you, pausing to hear the trickling water unabridged. Does this sound like a secret destination you would want to reflect about? It sounds like the perfect place.

These destinations are not your typical vacation spot. Though vacation is not defined by how many palm trees are nearby or if you can walk to the beach from your resort. A vacation is freedom from obligations. A vacation is taking chances and learning about new narratives. A vacation can be just as memorable when traveling to a secret destination that will make you stop, reflect, and speculate the very act of adventuring.

Article was written by Rebekah Mamola

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