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6 reasons to study abroad

6 Reasons to Study Abroad

Study abroad unquestionably can improve your life. Here are 6 reasons why you should study abroad, the influence it will have on your life and a few study abroad programs that’ll help you accomplish this goal.


Your world and mind will be open. 

We spend much of our younger years sheltered in our little bubble of people like ourselves. We surround ourselves with people and peers who have similar interests to us. Even if your peers are diverse, nothing can compare to living overseas for a semester. You will not only learn about your host country’s culture, but you will learn more about your own culture. You will have the opportunity to see your own country through the lens of others.


Feeling at home is only a state of mind.

Studying abroad will show you that people think and live differently than you, but you can always find a community of other students where you can belong. You will find people that you will spend every day walking through the streets, practicing speaking the language, and laughing until you can’t breathe. You will discover this city that is thousands of miles from where you grew up, will now be a place to call home.


Learn without textbooks.

When it comes to learning culture, a new language or even wine pairing, the best way to learn is to immerse yourself into the country. You can study Spanish or Italian or any language from the comfort of your English-speaking home, but nothing will compare to living in the country’s culture. By immersing yourself, you will pick up cultural cues and slang that a textbook can’t provide you.


You will be more well-rounded. 

Aside from learning the local language, you will have the amazing opportunity to take in a different culture. Make local friends to maximize your experience. You will see firsthand their quirks and their local way of doing things you may have found difficult, like discovering a way to get the best prices at the street vendors.


Fall in love.

We are not talking about coming home with a new significant other. Studying abroad will make you fall in love in so many unexpected ways. You may fall in love with the country, or a new hobby or skill you picked up overseas, the possibilities are endless. Whatever it is, fall hard. This is your time to discover what you love.



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