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7 International Comfort Foods

7 International Comfort Foods

Not Just Chicken Soup for the Soul

Comfort food, it’s the chicken noodle soup that makes your soul feel spriggy, it’s the mac n’ cheese n’ mash potatoes that makes your second stomach jump out of its hiding place, or maybe it’s the apple pie that’s a little painful to eat because you definitely have a cavity, but screw it, It’s apple pie. Comfort foods are personal and different cuisines dish out different levels of nostalgia, sentiment, and comfort for each person. Here are some international dishes accompanied by recipes that’ll teach you how to make them yourself.

1. Hungary: Goulash
Goulash is a traditional Hungarian dish tracing back to the medieval times in the 9th century where it was eaten by shepherds [1]. The dish is traditionally a thick hot stew consisting of meat and vegetables seasoned with paprika and other spices. Although the traditional dish contains no tomatoes, many modern renditions of the soup do. Goulash can be found in different variations across different countries from Ethiopia, Germany, Philippines, and even here in the United States.

Recipe for Goulash on AllRecipies by Pathunt (4.5 stars).


2. Indonesia: Bakso
Bakso is eaten nationwide in Indonesia from streets to restaurants and is derived from the Chinese meatball. Bakso is a soup containing meatballs typically made of finely ground beef, tapioca flour, and salt. Alternatively, the meatballs can also use other types of meat such as fish or chicken. The soup is made of beef broth and served with yellow noodles, vegetables, egg, crisp wontons, fried shallots and celery, and steamed meat dumplings. This wholesome dish can be found in nearly any eatery in Indonesia.

Recipe for Bakso on LinsFood (4.9 stars)

3. Spain: Chocolate Con Churros
This dish is exactly how it sounds: churros served with a hot chocolate you can dip ‘em in with. The churros are fluffy and airy, while the hot chocolate is thick, almost like a pudding.

Recipe for churros con chocolate on FoodNetwork by Anne Burrell (5 stars)


4. Kenya: Mandazi
Mandazi, originally from the Swahili coast, is a type of fluffy fried bread similar to doughnuts. These triangular treats are slightly sweet and are served without glazing or frosting. Typical ingredients of Mandazi include flour, yeast, milk, sugar, water, and sometimes coconut milk for sweetness.

Recipe for Mandazi on Tasty by Kiano Moju (4.7 stars)

5. Ghana: Kenkey
Kenkey is a West African dish made from fermented ground corn or corn flour/cornmeal, and banana leaves or corn husks. Kenkey is typically served with pepper sauce, fried fish, and soup or stew. The picture above shows kenkey on the upper right with fried fish and pepper sauce.

Recipe for Kenkey by Sweet Adjeley on Youtube.


6. Egypt: Basbousa
Basbousa is a traditional Egyptian sweet cake made out of semolina batter and rose water or orange flower water, and yogurt. The cake is soaked in the floral waters or simple syrups and then typically sprinkled with coconut.

Recipe by TastingTable (5 stars)

7. Russia: Pirozhki
Pirozhki are Russian boat-shaped buns made out of yeast-leavened dough and filling that can either be sweet with fillings like fruit or jam, or they can be savory with fillings like ground meat, mashed potatoes, boiled egg, and cabbage. The unbaked pastry is coated with egg to achieve its golden color. This dish is extremely popular and can be found in the streets of Russia.

Recipe on Allrecipes by TAYLORSMOMMY (4.6 stars)

Happy Dining
We only listed 7 comfort foods, but there’s an infinite amount of them for every country, home, and person. Try out some of the recipes we listed today to get a taste of international homeliness, or go on one of our programs and try some authentic international cuisine!

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