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8 Popular Foods to try in South Africa

South Africa is home to many different cuisines. You will find food that is influenced by French, Dutch, Indians and more. If you step foot into South Africa, you can’t leave without trying some local favorites. Globally Abroad has provided a list of foods that are a must-try!

Cape Malay Curry
This dish is influenced by many different cuisines. Combined with local produce, spices such as cinnamon, saffron, turmeric, and chili create a fragrant curry and stew, which are popular in the area today.

Chakalaka is a vegetable dish made of onions, tomatoes, peppers, carrots, beans, and spices, and is often served cold. You will most likely see this dish on every South African dinner table.

Bunny Chow
This street food is Hollowed out loaves of bread, stuffed with spicy curry. Bunny chow is a dish that is influenced by Indian cuisine. You can try it with chicken, pork or vegetarian varieties.

Bobotie contains meat that is simmered with spices, usually curry powder, herbs and dried fruit, then topped with a mixture of egg and milk and baked until set. It is a must-try!

In South Africa, a potjiekos, literally translated to “small-pot food”, is a dish prepared outdoors. It is cooked in a little pot, and typical ingredients include meat, vegetables, and a starch.

Milk Tart
Melktert is a known in Afrikaans, is South Africa’s milky answer to the traditional custard tart. This dessert consists of a sweet pastry crust containing a custard filling made from milk, flour, sugar, and eggs.

Apricot Blatjang
Apricot blatjang is a South African chutney made with dried apricots. It is the perfect condiment that goes well with cheese. This chutney can be used as condiments or additives to curries, stews, and other recipes.

This high-quality sausage is made using a high content of meat and can be made of beef, pork, or game meat. It is a must-have at a braai, or a barbecue.

Now that you have a list of great foods, what is stopping you from adventuring to South Africa? Globally Abroad has provided you with an amazing and once in a lifetime trip to South Africa, and other locations! Check out a full list of our programs.

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