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9 Minimalistic Travel Essentials

9 Minimalistic Travel Essentials

There are two types of people when it comes to packing for a trip. Those who love it and those who hate it. There is no gray area – you either really enjoy making a list, checking it twice, and ensuring you have everything needed (and wanted) or you dread the idea. Whichever description you fall under, the following tips warrant a trip full of travel essentials that a minimalistic individual would fawn over – take notes!

To those who spend most of their packing-time planning the perfect beach or hiking outfit – take a break, and make sure you have these 9 items on your international getaway. Consider this an itemized list you should bundle into your suitcase or backpack first thing. Of course, leave room for your toiletries and nonessentials, these items just take precedence for a sure-fire smooth sailing trip.

Handy Wallet / Passport Casing
It’s a no-brainer to always have a wallet on hand that can easily hold your credit or debit cards, IDs, and other important self-identification papers. If you’re traveling to an international location a passport is required, being one of those additional self-identification vouchers. Considering items do get lost or stolen – it is suggested to get a wallet that also holds your passport, so you have all of your IDs in one place.

Eco Friendly Water Bottle
Staying hydrated should be implemented in your daily routine (if it is not, start now!!). So, bringing your reusable water container is a must to stick with your typical hydrating groove. If you are considering going on a trip that involves a multitude of stairs, or hiking that reusable water bottle will be your best friend! Always travel smart. You can’t travel smart if your body isn’t adequately supplied with such a basic necessity!

Camera / Polaroid / Extra Phone Space (for picture-taking)
Some may think bringing along this item is evident. Being able to have the extra gigabytes (camera storage ) apart from your cell phone will be a lifesaver. When you’re on a long trip (especially you first-timers) you’re going to be snapping photos left and right! A lot of the world is overwhelmingly beautiful, you may want to bring a disposable camera as well.

Walking Shoes
Casual business flats or your Birkenstocks do not qualify as walking shoes… your walking shoes should be tennis shoes. The walking shoes you bring should have that cushion-like feeling to your feet so you don’t end up with blisters. Regardless of your pre-planned, cute outfits, try styling a sporty spice vibe. Throw on some comfy yoga pants, a lightweight short-sleeve shirt, an activewear jacket, your tennis shoes and call it a day! Comfort is key on trips that have you walking around the town all day long.

First Aid Kit
Typical first aid kits can be too bulky to lug around during a day’s escapade. But when it comes to your safety, it’s necessary to think outside the box. Carrying a mini first aid kit that doesn’t weigh you down or cause excessive backpack-overload will deck your snug outfit out to its fullest potential! Just in case you choose against the cushy walking shoe tip, this first aid kit may really come in handy. It will prepare you in the event of an emergency too. Either way, stay safe, ready, and smart!

Lip Balm
Didn’t think you would see this on the list, did you? This is especially important if you are traveling via airplane. A flight is not one to hydrate your skin. Being at the high altitude, with a bunch of other bodies absorbing the same air as you; you are bound to need a small, compact hydration station. It may seem silly, but you’ll be rejoicing when you reach for your pocket and it’s there.

Relative Weather Items
Weather is relative to wherever you go. That’s why it’s smart to check the weather and confirm whether or not you will need snow boots, an umbrella, or extra-strong SPF sunscreen… be prepared (sound familiar?). It can be fun getting lost in the packing of your five new travel outfits and all your cute travel-sized miscellaneous items, but it is imperative you check off the real necessities before preoccupying yourself with secondary effects.

Wherever you travel, bring sunglasses – unless it’s a destination that gets absolutely no sunlight, whatsoever, like Tromsø, Norway (where the sun doesn’t rise at all during the months of November through January)! Even if it is partly cloudy the entirety of your visit, wear those sunnies. Whether your eyes are dark brown or light blue, those UV rays will do a number on your retinas (yes, even if you do not look directly into the sun; though that is never advised). Highlight your comfy sporty outfit with a pair of polished sunnies.

You guessed it – another no-brainer packing piece. This is probably one of the most important items not to forget while packing. While you’re hopped-up on the excitement of what to wear during the days and nights out, you may have the tendency to neglect what you’ll be wearing in the middle of that. Whether you’re super particular about the pajamas you wear or if you simply throw on a big t-shirt before bed, just remember to not forget them! You’d want to be comfortable during all hours of your trip, including the sleeping hours.

This itemized list is really based on preference. You may be someone who wants to soak in all the experiences in real-time, and not have your phone or camera throughout the day. That’s totally acceptable. Remember it is your trip and memories that you will carry. This is merely a friendly quick guide for those who need a little direction. Now that you are organized and ready to successfully wander … BON VOYAGE!

Article was written by Rebekah Mamola

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