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Who We Are

Globally Abroad is a travel and study abroad company that is committed to providing the best-rated, worldwide experience for minority youth. We’ve put our participants at the heart of everything we do; from informing with trusted information about our programs to guiding them on the best way to discover and glimpse the full charm of each city. With GBA you’re sure to explore the world like a local and most importantly a global citizen.

Our Team at Globally Abroad is here to help you make lifetime memories on every program. Whether you’re planning for your first time abroad, a solo traveler, or with a group of school friends, we’ll match you to the best program and destination with world-class ambiance, rich culture, and diverse natural beauty as reviewed on our site.

Our Mission

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Globally Abroad strives to stay true to our mission while making every program worthwhile. So, whether you intend to participate in our community service project or enroll in one of our language program, you can trust Globally abroad for a life-transforming journey all over the world. Join us as we transform your life into Global Citizens by way of international.

The Vision

Interestingly, there has been a growing trend regarding tourism travel, the past several years. Globally Abroad is more concerned with providing the next generation of minority youth, a unique and unbeatable world encounter. Globally Abroad promotes the efforts to enrich the lives of minority youth in their personal lives (by finding meaning and purpose to it), in their education and professional careers (by gaining the connections and world views you need to succeed) and how they interact within their community along with communities around the world.

Our vision is to help broaden their horizons, conquer the unfamiliar challenges & stereotypes, and ignite their inner flame to become global citizens. We are committed to helping them understand the world, the people and cultural differences around the world, and encourage them to promote a positive change throughout the world.

Core Values

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The Woman Behind Globally Abroad

Founder's Message

For the past 10 years, I have traveled the globe, evolving into a Global Citizen. As an American minority myself, this path has changed my life for the greater. Through my experiences of both studying and living abroad, I have grown to understand the world, the people and cultural differences around the world and

I am eager to promote a Who We Are 1positive change throughout the world. I am excited to share Globally Abroad to encourage others, like me, to see the value of travel and the impact it has on one’s life.

This is an exhilarating time as Globally Abroad builds awareness for minority study and travel abroad. We honor our mission of transforming the lives of minority teens and young adults into global citizens by way of international travel. With this initiative, our participants will walk away forever enriched in their personal lives, throughout their education & professional endeavors and most importantly, within their community and communities around the world. 

Globally Abroad welcomes all support towards our mission. For more information on how you can help, click here.

In closing, whether you are a future participant, parent, or partner, thank you for your interest in Globally Abroad. I am certain that together, we will change lives.


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Antoinette Franklin
Founder & CEO

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