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Getting to Know

Who We Are

Globally Abroad is a study and travel abroad company committed to providing international opportunities for minority youth. By offering worldwide opportunities ranging from language courses, community service projects, to internships, we encourage and provide international travel programs to minority youth for a chance to encounter diverse communities.

We aim to help our participants build their own understanding of world events and culture as they encourage their own communities to do the same. Our team at Globally Abroad is here to create a lifetime of memories on every program. Whether you’re planning for your first time abroad, a solo traveler, or with a group of school friends, we’ll match you to the most suitable program and destination. With GBA, you’re sure to explore the world like a local and most importantly a global citizen.

who we are

Our Mission

We full-heartedly stand by our mission to

transform the lives of minority teens and young adults into global citizens, by way of international travel.

While staying true to our mission, we pledge to make every trip excellent. Whether you intend to participate in our community service projects or enroll in one of our language programs, you can trust Globally abroad for a life-transforming journey all over the world.


The Vision

Interestingly, there has been a thriving trend regarding tourism travel, the past several years. Globally Abroad is more concerned with providing the next generation of minority youth, a unique and unbeatable world encounter. We promote the efforts to enrich their personal lives (by finding meaning and purpose to it), in their education and professional careers (by gaining the connections and world views they need to succeed) and how they interact within their community along with communities around the world.

Our vision is to help broaden horizons, conquer the unfamiliar challenges & stereotypes, and ignite the inner flame to become global citizens. We are devoted to improving the understanding of the world, the people, and cultural differences around the world, and encourage them to promote a positive change throughout the world.

Core Values

We believe in developing personal relationships - relationships based on our core values. Values that affect everything we do. Values that permeate our company culture and the way we interact with our youth. Values that transform our youth into not only global citizens but global leaders.

About Us 1

We're Global Citizens

We understand the world, the people and the cultural differences around the world as we promote a positive change throughout the world in our service to others

About Us 2

We Inspire Action

We lead by example, motivating others to reach beyond their limits and expanding their scope while becoming global leaders

About Us 3

We Break Barriers

We eradicate the stereotypes that have been placed upon us by creating our own narrative and redefining what it means to travel worldwide as a minority

About Us 4

We Operate in Excellence

We are called by excellence so therefore we pursue excellence by the work that we do, by the people we are, and by the lives that we touch

To learn more about our mission and how our participants will benefit, visit our dedicated page of global citizenship.


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