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Amazing foods to try in barcelona

Amazing Foods to Try in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city with amazing local foods. Eating right can make or break a trip, so Globally Abroad is here to help you make a decision on what to order when the menu is right in front of you. Here is a list of dishes you simply can’t miss while in Barcelona!


La Bomba
This is one of the city’s most famous dish. What we’re talking about here are mashed potato balls stuffed with ground pork, covered in bread crumbs, and fried like a donut. This dish can be small like a golf ball or a large dish that requires many bites.

Blistered Peppers
Padron Peppers (about 1 in 10 is spicy). These peppers are grilled until they are soft and blistered and served with a bit of sea salt on top and sometimes with aioli.

Manchego Cheese
If you are a cheese lover, this is the dish for you. Manchego is a hard aged sheep’s milk cheese that is salty, earthy, and nutty. The cheese can be served on a charcuterie with ham, or it can be a great topping.

Pa amb tomàquet
If you don’t order this every meal, your server will ask you if you want it. It is hugely popular in Barcelona. Pa amb tomàquet is sliced bread rubbed with tomato and olive oil and sprinkled with salt.

Calamari and Squid
Seafood lover? Perfect. Calamari and Squid are widely popular throughout the city and make for a great appetizer for any seafood or adventure eater!

Iberico Ham
Need something to go with your Manchego cheese? This ham is perfect for the job. Iberico Ham is usually sliced a bit thicker than prosciutto, so it is meatier and less delicate.

These sandwiches are made with long baguettes and make for the perfect lunch. Choose any meat, topping or spread and make your ideal sandwich.

This popular Spanish dish can be served in many different ways. It is prepared in a large shallow pan that consists of rice, vegetables, paprika, saffron. If you are a meat lover, fill your dish with meat. Vegetarian? No problem, many paellas are vegetarian.


This list of typical Spanish cuisine is to help you narrow down the sometimes overwhelming menus. If you still don’t know what to eat in Barcelona, be adventurous and try new things!
Happy eats!!!

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