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Largest Island Nation in the World

Beautiful Indonesia: The Largest Island Nation

The largest island that is the only place situated solely on islands, is the country of Indonesia. Some may get it confused with Greenland, which is simply the largest island in the world. As Greenland consists of similar island-aspects just like Indonesia – it is not a country, instead it is an independent territory within the country of Denmark. Now that we have a clear base of Indonesia’s Southeast Asian islandic requisites, let’s visit the largest island nation!

Indonesia is considered the world’s largest island nation based off of area size, number of islands, and population. Covering a lot of ground, this island country stretches across about 3,181 miles of land – almost double of Greenland’s coverage! Being the ultimate archipelago (a stretch of water including many islands) and consisting of 5 major islands with roughly 30 smaller other clusters, Indonesia comes out to contain 17,508 islands which include a meager 6,000 that are populated and developed (“Indonesia Facts and Figures,” 2017). This is a rough estimation as no one truly knows the unerring number of islands present.

Have you ever thought about how many islands there really are in existence, and what kind of creatures, landform sites, and interesting facts lie beneath them (or on them)? You’re about to introspectively explore Indonesia’s world. Will this potentially turn into a corporeal travel experience for you?

Active and Youthful Life
Because of Indonesia’s populous nation, days are always enraptured with vitality. So if you’re the type of person who regularly craves adventure and the hustle and bustle of new happenings – consider visiting this captivating island nation! You will never run out of activities to participate in. Bali, specifically, is the most famous to visit if you are a tourist. But that is entirely up to you. Another thing that is active (yet not so youthful) are Indonesia’s volcanoes. Millions of citizens residing on the island are actually living within eruption belts! Better yet – you can even climb some of them. Having an inclination for that kind of live-on-edge lifestyle would be satisfying for you thrill-seekers.

Paradise for Animal Aficionados
There is a substantial number of animals inhabiting Indonesia’s island country. That may not come off as intriguing, since there are all kinds of animals in all kinds of places, but Indonesia’s scene encompasses species and creatures that are rarely found anywhere else – being one of seventeen other countries that do (The Telegraph, 2017). From Komodo Dragons (the world’s largest lizard) to Orangutans, menial islands like Rinca or Sumatra are the only sites that harbor these wild animals. Upon visiting these creatures, you can also experience the National Parks which have other wild animals wandering around.

Apart from the vivacious essence and wildlife sanctuary, Indonesia’s island nation is enveloped in endless coastline. With Indonesia displaying the second biggest coastline in the world, you would never run out of seafront and always be steps away from the Indian and Pacific Ocean (The Telegraph, 2017). How does that sound for a Globally Abroad getaway?

Article was written by Rebekah Mamola

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