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Courchevel Wonderland

Courchevel Wonderland

Whether you are traveling for leisure, for celebration, or to broaden your academic background; this trip is once in a lifetime. Courchevel, France. The real-life snow globe destination.

With its fine dining, skiing slopes, and outstanding hotels, Courchevel is the perfect place to explore with your significant other or family and as a student abroad receiving credit for your courses. Either way, you will experience winter like no other. Because of this, it’s important to have a strong liking to the cold, on the grounds that winter months here fluctuate between a high temperature of 31-35 degrees Fahrenheit. Pack smart!

Typically, one presumes traveling abroad is “better” during the summer months, but it really depends on the individual and their reason for travel. Even if the wintertime is not your favorite, visiting Courchevel may change your mind. This trip could be the door to your spontaneity that you didn’t know you possessed.

Courchevel is mainly known for its multiple skiing resorts that stand at different altitudes and are named after their altitude’s extent. To name a few, there is ‘Courchevel 1850’ and ‘Courchevel 1650.’ These altitude heights may not seem great, but that is only because they are measured in meters. In feet, though, the highest and lowest elevation these resorts stand at is between 3,600 and 8,983 feet (Courchevel, 2020).

Due to its drastic elevation, altitude sickness is possible for some who live in a location nowhere near a mountainous region. But that’s a blog topic for another time! Before heading to a high elevation destination fill your body up with more water than you normally do! As you move higher into the atmosphere, your body will utilize and filter through water and salt faster than you are accustomed to. As much as we at Globally Abroad want you to expand your knowledge and experience as a global citizen, we also want you to arrive more than capable and prepared to your point of arrival.

Vacationing or studying in Courchevel isn’t for late sleepers. When you’re here you will want to get up bright and early to truly soak in every dimension of this place. Creating an itinerary prior to your arrival is essential for a stress-free and worthwhile trip, especially in Courchevel. Venturing through the snow with no sure-fire plans can feel wasteful. Some people think of vacationing in a place that is not surrounded by beaches and palm trees and think it pointless to even go. But in Courchevel, there is the obvious – a ton of ski resorts – a center called Aquamotion, which is basically an indoor water park, that has indoor and outdoor pools, a spa, wellness center, and so many more activities categorized as self-love (Aquamotion, 2020).

For a destination that is far from looking like a tropical getaway, Courchevel, France sounds like the getaway of the year – Winter Edition. The winter months and holiday season commonly stand for family gatherings. Though, with this year steering a different direction, maybe it’s time to switch up the typical vacation or study abroad scene! At Globally Abroad we want you to explore every corner of the earth that you can, and that means opening you up to the sectors that are often overlooked. Take a chance and travel with Globally Abroad to Courchevel, France.

Article was written by Rebekah Mamola

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