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What is a global citizen?

Defining a Global Citizen

‘Global’ is a prefix that adorns itself over schools, companies, associations, and grocery markets. When you think of the word global, ‘exotic’ trade-deals and political agendas might come to mind, but how often is the word associated with empathy? Not money, not a desire to conquer and colonize, global citizenship is one phrase that embodies empathy.

Global empathy
A swift Google search provides a variety of global citizenship definitions but here at Globally Abroad, we define global citizenship as a collection of political, social, economic, and environmental efforts by individuals on a worldwide premise. A global citizen is someone who understands the complex relationships between different countries. A global citizen views the world without nationalistic or cultural bias and has empathy for those of different backgrounds and cultures. The empathy found in the heart of global citizens is the fuel for humanitarian efforts.

Not a country club
Global citizenship isn’t an accessory to paste on your social feed, and it isn’t fodder for a hero or guilt complex. It isn’t an exclusive club that accepts one ideology or method either. Global citizenship is for anyone who wants to commit to an empathetic and adaptable perspective of the world. No hefty donations or plane trips required.

What we’re doing
One of our missions at Globally Abroad is to promote global citizenship. Our global citizenship page is one of our efforts to encourage minority youth to challenge their own perspectives and adopt a humanitarian outlook. We debunk common myths of virtue signaling, neo-colonialism, and the “not for people like me” syndrome that afflicts minority youth. Because Globally Abroad offers study abroad programs, we also explain the connection between study abroad and global citizenship.

Join us
You don’t have to enroll in one of our programs to become a global citizen, the mindset you carry is one of the most valuable contributions you can make. If what you’ve read appeals to you, please check out our global citizenship page where you can meet our quarterly global citizen features. If you too think or know someone who’d like to be featured through their efforts, then submit your profile here. While you’re at it, you can enter our first giveaway (a $50 Amazon gift card) by filling out a short survey. Follow our socials to be notified of future activities and giveaways you can participate in!

Article was written by Rebekah Mamola

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