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Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai

Perhaps you’re planning a vacation to Chaing Mai and you’re wondering what to see or do in the city. That’s alright – there’s more to this glamorous city than just temples. As a former capital of Buddhism in Southeast Asia, there’s certainly something to marvel for everyone. From the intriguing museums, wonderful spas, to the historical buildings, there’s more than one would need for a perfect getaway. Read through to discover the alluring ambiance of Chiang Mai City.

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If you love adventure, you’ll love what Chiang Mai has to offer. How about starting your dazzling trip with a must-see temple at a mountaintop? War Doi Suthep is among the most popular tourist attractions in the city. To get to the temple, you’ll need to hike up the mountain. Alternatively, you can opt to rent a motorbike or hop into a songthaew. Remember to purchase remarkable souvenirs and antiques at the entrance of the temple. Later, you might want to visit the highest peak in Thailand – Doi Inthanon. The landmark is surrounded by a national park that is filled with awe-inspiring natural grandeur that is such a magnet for tourists.

Of course, ruins aren’t exactly a rare scene in Chiang Mai. However, there’s something unique about Wat Chedi Luang that you’ll love to check out. While the imposing structure was destroyed by an earthquake in 1545, the building remains remarkable to this day. Are you a foodie? You’ll definitely love to drive down to the Chiang Mai Gate market. Here, you’ll find the best street food in the City. If that’s not enough, pass by the Sunday walking street and savor some of the best Thailand cuisines. Later, enjoy a fascinating nightlife at the Night Bazaar.

Spending a day off the bustling city can be worthwhile. You can opt to check out the Bua Thong Sticky waterfalls. The wooded area surrounding the fall is serene and peaceful. Alternatively, you can laze away under the Thai sun at Huay Tung Tao. The place is surrounded by hills and a lake to swim in at your leisure. Here, you’ll also have a chance to meet some locals. If you love art, make sure to pass by Art in Paradise, Chiang Mai. Come and ride a magic carpet, surf a big wave, or even stand amid an erupting – or at least look as though you are! The illusion art museum creates an incredibly realistic effect.

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Read the basic info and also some fun facts about Chiang Mai! Here you will find everything you should know about the ‘’Land of Plenty’’!


Chiang Mai

Visa Requirements

Not Needed for US and EU Citizens



Languages spoken


Currency Used

Thai Baht

Area (km2)

15.527 sq. mi (40.216 km2)


When you get to Chiang Mai, you’ll hardly miss out on the history of Lanna Kingdom in the late 13th century. The city was built in 1296 as the capital of Lanna Kingdom. Come and learn how the Lanna Kingdom was ringed by teak tree forests, high mountains and well-stocked rivers and how the fertile plains and valleys were a rich source of agriculture. The history of how Chiang Mai has evolved to what it is today is quite fascinating!

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