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Nairobi conjures all the romance and adventure anyone would want for an abroad program or vacation. From breathtaking wildlife, intriguing culture, to mouthwatering cuisines, the awe-inspiring allure of the city is incomparable. Wondering what to see or do once in Nairobi? Do not panic – here’s a guide to the top-rated scenic spots that will give you lifetime memories.


Interestingly, Nairobi is among the few cities in the world that has a safari park within its borders. At just about a 15-minute drive from the city center’s skyscraper, you’re sure to enjoy a classic wildlife experience at Nairobi National Park. Here, you’ll love trilling views of lions, cheetahs, buffaloes, and rhinos. At the entrance, you’ll hardly miss the orphan-elephant rescue and rehabilitation program. Come and commune with lovable creatures as they drink from giant baby bottles and frolic in the mud. On one edge of the Park, you’ll come face to face with endangered Rothchild’s Giraffes. You’ll learn about the graceful creature and even have time to feed them. Later, you can tour the well-preserved colonial farmhouse at Karen Blixen Museum. The exact furniture belonging to Karen Blixen and her husband is on display, along with photographs and books owned by the great writer.


The Nairobi National Museum is a great educational way to spend a few hours in the city. Come and marvel at diverse natural and cultural history exhibits, not to mention more than 900 stuffed birds and fossils. At the entrance, remember to purchase a combined ticket to access an adjacent snake park and meet specimen of most common reptiles in Kenya. At about 10 kilometers from the city center, you’ll want to celebrate colorful tribes and cultures of Kenyan people at The Bomas OF Kenya. Every afternoon, you’re sure to find a group that performs traditional songs and dances in the theater. Of course, you’ve got to carry unique souvenirs for your friends and family. Thereupon, you’ll want to drive down to Kazuri Bead Factory and purchase a few souvenirs to take home.


Make sure to pass by the distinctive cylindrical Kenya International Conference Centre (KICC) and enjoy a breathtaking panorama of this bustling city from its helipad. A few minutes off, the iconic building is the railway museum. Come and enjoy the fascinating collections of models, photographs, and magazines of the railways used in Kenya. Later, you might want to pass by the National Archives and explore Kenyan tribal culture alongside the country’s history, art, and politics.

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Languages spoken

English and KiSwahili

Currency Used

Kenyan Shilling

Area (mi.)

269 sq. mi (696 km2)


Nairobi grew from a small camp for railway workers in 1899 to the British East Africa Capital in 1907. Today, the rich history and tribal culture are brought to life by the breathtaking museums in the city. How about making Nairobi your next abroad destination and enjoy what the bustling city has to offer?

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