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The grandeur of mesmerizing sandy beaches, pristine blue Mediterranean water, fascinating nightlife, breathtaking natural beauty, and tasty cuisines paints the perfect picture of Spanish getaway! As a top tourist destination in Europe, Spain offers a fine blend of culture, a captivating culmination of history, and awesome scenic spots. A tour to Spain is a perfect way to create life-lasting memories for you as a young traveler or for your teen.

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Perhaps you’ve planned a trip to Spain and you’re wondering what to see or do in the country. From the world-famous cathedrals and fortresses to incredible natural wonders, there’s more than one would need for a perfect time abroad. Spain exudes a vibrant energy and impeccable blend of past and present. Upon arriving in Spain, you might want to start your sightseeing adventure in Grenada. No matter how much you’ve read or seen the pictures of Grenada’s Alhambra palaces, the sight of the Moorish pleasure palace will take your breath away!

Just a few hours’ drive off Grenada is the Principal mosque of western Islam called Mezquita. Cordoba’s mosque is among the largest in the world. Come and marvel at the finest achievement of the Spanish architecture. Once you’re in Madrid, how about driving down to The Prado and Paseo del Artes? The museum is among the most ranked art museums in the world for the riches of its collection. Other museums worth driving by include Reina Sofia, the Thyssen-Bornemisza, and CaixaForum. They’re all a concentration of the world’s priceless art treasures.

Glimpse the fascinating allure of modern beauty and historic charm in Barcelona. Make sure to pass by Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia. Antoni Gaudi’s Art Nouveau style on the fanciful and outrageous structure has made Sagrada Familia a landmark and a signature of attractions in the Catalan city. If there’s still time, you’ll want to wrap up the tour with Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao. You’ll love the symphony of shapes among other impressive works of American architect Frank Gehry.

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Read the basic info and also some fun facts about Spain! Here you will find everything you should know about the ‘’Land of Further Beyond’!



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Not Needed for US and EU Citizens



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Area (mi.)

195,360 sq. mi (505,990 km2)


The area of present-day Spain has been inhabited for thousands of years. The old archaeological sites located in Spain gives a rich history of the country under the Roman settlement. The rich history of Spain features a series of Republics, Tensions, and instability until the Civil war ended in 1939. Eventually, the international partnership allowed the economy to grow. Around the 1960s and 1970s, the country began the transition to a more democratic government. Explore a rich history by taking your next vacation to Spain!


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