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How Spring Hatches Across the World

How Spring Hatches Across the World

The season of Spring brings rebirth all over the globe. With Spring comes many blossoms, the absence of all that winter brought some of us, and the celebration of a renewed earth. Though this seasonal delight does not show up for every country around the world, it does for some, but not all at the same time. It all has to do with where we are located – in the Northern or Southernmost hemisphere. For example, those who live in Argentina or Australia will experience their winter season at the start of June and their summer season begins in December. It’s pretty backward, but it astronomically makes sense!

Typically vacations, more so with international destinations, are booked during the summertime. Also, sometimes during the winter. But the springtime is one of the most neglected and undervalued times to book a getaway. Not to mention, the cost of these vacations is much lower than you would see around normal vacationing time. The days are longer and local activities are swarming with pursuit. If you follow along, you can start planning for your next spring vacation!

If life and your time permits, the duration between April and June is the suggested period to visit Buenos Aires in Argentina. The weather stays between 60 and 73 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity from summertime is largely reduced (sounds like a perfect fall day). You’d have just missed the crowds of common tourism as Argentina celebrates its summer months through January and February. Traveling to Buenos Aires during this time also means skipping out on their cold and wet months, starting in July. So, get to planning and enjoy a less congested Argentina for its springtime magic!

Like Argentina, airline ticket costs are significantly reduced in what is called the “shoulder season” for Australia. The shoulder season is the period of time when traveling is neither of high nor low interest. This is generally where the spring and autumn seasonal quadrant fall under. While the autumn season in Australia offers a few local events, the springtime here is another boundless arena of outdoor adventure. With a crisp 64-to-74-degree day, with slight precipitation, you can venture to countless springtime activities like a beachside sculpture park in Sydney!

Costa Rica
If you prefer a little more liveliness in your travels, Costa Rica in the standard springtime month is perfect because this is when the ultimate spring breakers break out! It is suggested you visit between the months of December and April if you look forward to this on vacation. Costa Rica is one of those destinations that doesn’t necessarily have all four separate seasons. It has its “rainy season” and “dry season.” The dry season is the better time to travel, hence the spring break outbreak in late March. Don’t fret, though, if you have a dire need for a laxer adventure with fewer people, book this trip for early March. With Costa Rica being a two-season destination only, you either pick to visit in its “summer” months (December-April) or its “winter” months (May-November). Costa Rica’s summer months are merely characterized as dry, whereas its winter months establish its mornings with nothing but sun rays, and typically ends in afternoon and evening rainfall. Whichever period you decide to visit, you can explore neighboring volcanoes or soak up the sun in a pool in Jacó!

Now, there is no bias in which destination is best to explore during the spring months, but Greece is definitely high up in that tier. If you are shooting for a less touristy vibe for your vacation explorations in Greece, April and the following months are glorious times to go. You get to avoid the mass crowds of tourists and find inexpensive deals to get there! That sounds like a solid deal. It is said that the weather during springtime in Greece is actually better than what is brought in the summertime. That is unless you love the scorching heat of summer days. During April, ferries are reintroduced for the season to Greece’s islands and shops and cafes on those islands open their doors! After you get a taste of authentic Greek food and retail, hiking to imbibe kosher Greek hiking trails is a must. Some involve unfrequented coastlines and ancient Greek sites. It may be the most peaceful springtime adventure you get to experience.

As you have well noticed, the springtime fluctuates with activity and weather in some places, but the benefits outweigh the differences. All destinations will be dissimilar to others, but that’s the beauty of travel. Soak it up if you can and adventure with us at Globally Abroad during the “season of new beginnings” (LiveScience, 2016).

Article was written by Rebekah Mamola

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