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Safety Tips For Traveling Abroad

Important Safety Tips for Traveling Abroad

Studying abroad can be scary especially for parents and even the seasoned traveler–the exhilaration and sometimes anxiety of traveling to a new place remains fresh. Below are some tips you can follow to stay safe in any country.

Safety Tips For Studying Abroad:

Stay Alert
One of the best ways to avoid trouble is by staying alert. Whenever and wherever you’re out, be sure to pay attention to your surroundings for anything that may seem unsafe. By staying alert you can avoid preventable accidents small and large. The key is to maintain a background level of attention without elevating that alertness to anxiety.

Know the basics of the language

In this age of globalization, many countries cater to tourists of different languages, especially English. It’s still useful to know some basic words and phrases from wherever you’re visiting. Some basic words and phrases you might want to learn include asking for help, alerting someone to an emergency, and asking for directions.

Save the local emergency phone numbers
Asides from learning some basic phrases and words, you can also save local emergency phone numbers. Make sure to save emergency numbers like the police and the number of your tour guide if you’re traveling with one. Having these numbers on hand can help you in times of panic.

Always know your location
Knowing your location is extremely important for emergency services. In order to locate you, they may not be able to access GPS services so staying aware of where you’re located can save your life.

Plan ahead of time and do your research
Planning ahead is key to staying safe; try to plan out what you’re going to wear according to terrain and weather, what you should bring with you (whether that be dietary needs or medication), when stores and buildings close and open, and which roads to travel by. Though planning ahead can’t predict everything, it’ll at least make your travel smoother. Researching the location you’re heading too is also important; try to learn the basics of the culture like proper etiquette.

In summary:

1.Stay Alert
2.Know basic phrases and words
3.Save the local emergency phone numbers
4.Always know your location
5.Plan ahead of time and do your research

Safe Traveling!
There are hundreds of excellent tips to stay safe, and we hope some of our tips will grant you the confidence you need to travel. If you’re interested in traveling in a group or with a program, consider Globally Abroad’s international programs geared for minority youth.

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