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7 International Legendary Creatures

7 International Legendary Creatures

Not your average vampire or werewolf

When it comes to mythology and legendary creatures the first thing that pops up might be vampires, werewolves, ogres, or pixies, but that’s just in the western-scope of things. Here are legendary creatures that come from international mythology and folklores.

Kinda’ Vampires:
Much like the western-vampire, the Obayifo are mythological creatures derived from the folklore of the Ashanti in West Africa. Their most noticeable feature may be the phosphorescent light emitted from their armpits and anus. The Asa

nbosam or Sasabonsam are another type of vampire-like being from Akan, West Africa. The Sasabonsams is said to have iron hooks for feet, pink skin, long red hair, and iron teeth. In the Philippines, the Mandurugo resembles a young and beautiful woman in the day but transforms at night, growing wings and a long sharp tongue.

Mermaids and creatures of the sea:
The Sirena, a sea creature originating from the Philippines, are mermaid-like creatures that have the head of a human female and the tail of a fish. Like the western siren (minus the wings), the Sirena sings with an

Mermaids and creatures of the sea:

enchanting voice and causes shipwrecks and abducts men to their death. The Nommo has a human body and a fishtail and lower torso. These creatures are ancestral spirits in the Dogon religion of the people of Mali. Not so much a mermaid, but under the sea, the Ōnamazu, a giant catfish, lives under the mud of Japan. When it’s watcher, the god Kashima, lets his guard down Namazu thrashes around and causes earthquakes. Below is an illustration of the Ōnamazu.


Spirits of the night:
Hitodama, or “human soul” in English, are fiery balls that float around in the middle of the night. They are called “human soul”s because they are said to be souls separated from their dead bodies. Like the Hitodama, the Egbere is a spirit that is seen at night. This African Yoruba spirit is said to inhabit the woods and carries a malevolent nature. Below is a depiction of a Hitodama.

Not Just Man’s Bestfriend
Dip, an evil black and hairy dog from Catalan myth, is an emissary of the Devil and sucks people’s blood. In South Korea, Bul-Gae or mythical fire dogs in KoreNot Just Man’s Bestfriendan Mythology, are dog-like beasts who cause eclipses by chasing and biting the sun and moon. The Pesanta from Catalan legend is a gigantic black and hairy dog that sits on the chests of sleeping people and induces nightmares.

There’s always more!
We only listed a few but there are countless more legendary creatures from all across the globe, each that has its own cultural significance attached to it. If you’re interested in learning more about different cultures, then perhaps try one of our programs where you get to immerse yourself in a different world!

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