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Is Motion-Based Travel For You?

The world of travel is changing dramatically compared to 10 years ago. According to Forbes, motioned-based travel (cycling trips, trail hiking, etc.) is a trend on the rise in 2020. Traveling off the beaten path has replaced the luxury travel experiences to Paris or Florence, etc.

Motion-based travel can also be known as adventure travel. Adventure travel is a type of tourism involving experiencing remote or exotic locations to take part in physically challenging outdoor activities. So what motivates people to lean towards this type of travel?

Many people choose this type of travel to avoid crowds and the high prices associated with big travel destinations. It is easy to fall under the tourist umbrella when traveling to big cities, but by traveling off the beaten path, you create your agenda day by day with few interactions with tourists.

One of the most common motives behind adventure travel is the adrenaline rush. The rush that comes with biking hundreds of miles, or swimming across a large body of water is what most motion based travelers seek. There is no other feeling of overcoming a fear of completing an adventure. Once you complete the nearly impossible task, you get a sense of accomplishment and a sense of identity.

It is time to gain a new perspective on the world. Adventure travel can give you a fresh look on things and open a new horizon for you. This type of travel does not have to mean climbing mountains or biking hundreds of miles. It means risking yourself and the way you used to see the world to find a new perspective and grow as a traveler.

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