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Payment Options & Refund Policy

GBA accepts program tuition in full at any time. Payment options are also available to participants who require an extended amount of time. There is a two-month deadline for all program payments whether paying in full or paying with the following three (3) payment plans:

2022 Summer Programs

Payment plans are calculated based on the month you are enrolled. Each program cost should be paid in full, two-months prior to the start of a program.

Financing Alternatives

If you are ready to start planning your trip but discouraged by a financial roadblock, Globally Abroad has another solution for you. We have teamed up with FundMyTravel, who provides us with an online platform where you can fundraise for your meaningful travel experience. You create a campaign page, complete a brief profile to build trust, add a video and tell your story!

FundMyTravel has a team of dedicated staff that will help participants reach their fundraising goals. They can provide tips and insights on the best ways to spread your word and offer sharing tools to get your campaign greater exposure through social media and email. Click the button below to learn more and get started!

Payment & Refund Policy 1

Upon completion of the application and enrollment fee, if a participant opts to pay the outstanding program amount in full, the entire amount must be paid no later than 14-days following program acceptance. For participants who would like to take advantage of GBA’s payment plans, the initial payment must be paid no later than 14-days following program acceptance. GBA accepts full-tuition enrollments after the two-month deadline upon availability. (For example: If the program start date is July 15th and a participant enrolls on or after April 15th, the entire program amount will be due upon acceptance).

Any enrollment made prior to January 30th is eligible for a full refund. After January 30th, the enrollment fee is non-refundable however is eligible for transfer to another program within the same year and up to the following year. Enrollment fees will no longer be transferable after one year.

Program payments are refundable minus any non-refundable expenses paid on a participant’s behalf. Non-refundable expenses may include but are not limited to an Application fee, deposits made on accommodations, activities, transportation, meals, etc. Trips canceled on or after the program start date is non-refundable. GBA recommends purchasing an extra layer of protection by acquiring trip cancellation coverage. Click here for more details.

No refund is given for any unused program features, whether because of the participant’s choice, bad weather, or any other reason. Participants should understand that they are responsible for any costs if early program departure, whether for medical reasons, dismissal, personal emergencies, or otherwise.

GBA accepts all major credit cards for the initial enrollment fee. Payments made after the enrollment fee can be secured by credit card, debit card, or cashier’s check. It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure GBA receives each payment on the specified due date. A $35 late fee will be applied to the account balance for any payment made after the specified due date.

Checks should be made payable to Globally Abroad or GBA and can be sent by mail to the following addresses: 

Regular Mail
Globally Abroad
PO Box 1561
Mishawaka, IN 46546

Overnight Delivery
Globally Abroad
111 3rd St. #1561
Mishawaka, IN 46546

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