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Staying Globally Interconnected

Staying Globally Interconnected, Abroad or Not

Staying globally connected at times of panic and uncertainty with the world around you, adjoining with your neighbor is something of a different, but comforting approach. It’s an “easy” action to take today, yet we do not go through with it unless the world forces us to. In a global vulnerable time such as now, becoming interdependent and connected is what everyone needs to truly feel protected. Whether it be your neighbor ten feet away or one that lives in Bali, you want to give, and also receive, the notion of this safety net between the two of you. This safety net reassures you of precautions and advice that will protect you from harm’s way.

Staying Globally Interconnected, Abroad or Not 1

To genuinely understand though, what does it take to be globally interconnected? For starters being globally interconnected includes the ability to comprehend and operate in a progressively integrated, global, yet still united domain that eventually cultivates a global citizen. Apart from the flow of fluctuation within global interconnectedness – politically, culturally, and economically – maintaining the positive development of citizens’ health and wellness plays a massive role in how the globe as a whole will overcome panic-stricken times, as of currently. This leads to the significance of doing your research of another country’s statistical and demographic information, so you know either how to spread (politically correct) awareness or simply stay in the know of another community’s adversity. Another way of staying globally interconnected is to support small local businesses. Visit your community coffee shop and order that savory brew imported all the way from Colombia. Search your web browser and watch the Australian Socceroos World Cup event in South Africa that took place in 2010 where they competed with 32 other countries! We love our Olympics, so let’s check out similar sporting events outside our rural domain.

Many have the attitude that if danger is not affecting them nor those in close proximity to them, then it is not their problem, but that is exactly what will generate the reversion of being globally interconnected. It’s also the opposite of what a global citizen is. GBA defines a global citizen as a citizen of the world that understands the world, is aware of the people and cultural differences around the world, and one who promotes a positive large scale change throughout the world. No matter the expanse between you and another country, we all share one mighty Earth. Global concerns are human being concerns. Stay interconnected. Stay knowledgeable and excited to discover the Earth around you, and not solely about the good things happening. What makes a true-to-heart global citizen is taking the opportune moment to learn and maintain awareness and circulate it, or if available, do good in the name of improving the world for not only you but your local and international peers. If you don’t know where to start, simply improve the collection of garbage and recycling in your neighborhood. If you want to take it up a notch, increase the number of trees planted in your community park. These actions can be done with initiative, plan, and proper help if you ask for it. These seemingly minuscule decisions can greatly influence people in other parts of the world. Staying Globally Interconnected, Abroad or Not 2Being a global citizen is about protecting human rights and advocating viable methods that serve the environment.

Continuing the effort of global interconnectedness as a global citizen, caring about the well-being of others and the life the Earth provides is before all else. Especially in Mother Earth’s time of need, if all you can do is actively show respect to individuals whose job is purely to take care of others, then so be it. As of right now, with COVID-19 progressing and lawless, be kind to caregivers who cannot go a day without tending to their patients. Be gracious to flight attendants who remain at work with airlines still undergoing the efforts of the travel industry, as they too have the fear of exposure everywhere they go. Persist with acts of compassion and benevolence as we all, nearby and globally, covet sanctuary.

Article was written by Rebekah Mamola


  • Joshua Hill

    This is a very, very beautiful written piece. With out-a-doubt, do I agree! I find myself in thought around the other countries you might be speaking of, and they too are struggling just as anyone, and shouldn’t be thought of anything less.

    March 19, 2020 at 9:21 pm

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