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Supporting Black Owned Business While Overseas

Supporting Black Owned Business While Overseas

In today’s economy, most people are beginning to understand the importance of supporting black-owned businesses. It Is important to do this locally to keep money floating within the community, however supporting black-owned businesses internationally is just as important!

According to the State of Minority Business Enterprise, only 15% of businesses are minority-owned in the US. While we don’t have global statistics about black-owned businesses, it’s important to support these businesses in every community. By doing so we celebrate black culture, support the local economy wherever we are.

Do Your Research
Depending on the area you are traveling in you may be able to guess if a store is black-owned, and there’s nothing wrong with walking inside and simply asking the employee working. However, if you’re not in a predominantly black area, and usually there isn’t a sign on the door stating that business and black-owned, supporting these businesses may call for a bit of digging. A quick google search of “black-owned businesses near me” should give you ideas of stores in the area you’re traveling.

If you’re looking for an app that can point you in the right direction try one or all of these apps! The following apps connect consumers to companies both locally and internationally. So you can use these overseas and once you get back home.

a. Official Black Wall Street – “The largest app and digital platform helping consumers, find, review and support black-owned businesses”

b. We Buy Black – “The largest online marketplace for black-owned business”

By diverting your purchases to support black-owned businesses it supports the community in many ways. Not only are you helping to strengthen black economies, but you’re also taking part in the goal to shrink the racial wealth gap, and create more jobs. These apps are for everyone. We can all do our part to promote positive change!

Article written by Jelani Bonds.

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