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The season of Spring brings rebirth all over the globe. With Spring comes many blossoms, the absence of all that winter brought some of us, and the celebration of a renewed earth. Though this seasonal delight does not show up for every country around the world, it does for some, but not all at the same time. It all has to do with where we are located – in the Northern or Southernmost hemisphere. For example, those who live in

If money is the only thing standing between your dreams of studying abroad then there's no excuse not to book your next trip because there are plenty of ways to make money while living in another country. However if you're still in the planning stages, check out “How To Save For Future Travel” and “6 Proven Ways to Afford Study Abroad” on the Globally Abroad blog.

One thing that is not focused on much when internationally traveling is jet lag, its effects, and preventative measures. Jet lag is not a serious issue that requires any medical attention. It is simply a bodily state resulting from prompt travel to a drastically different time zone. You won’t be feeling jet-lagged traveling from Connecticut to California… but more so when you’re traveling to Europe from the States. If you choose to study abroad, which is always an international outing,

It’s one of those common questions – “what do fossils have to do with traveling?” The answer is it has so much to do with traveling AND history of life on Earth. If you choose to study abroad, particularly with the interest of paleontology in mind; which is the study of history of life on Earth centered on fossils, there are so many international places for you to adventure to that contain them. While wherever you are from likely has

With traveling the world comes traveling through history. You can’t forgo a destination’s past, especially if they have already been forgotten for so long. You can be the one to unearth the afflictions of the tremendous works of the Battle of Boquerón [bo-qi-ron], in Paraguay, South America.

Have you ever thought about what kind of person you would be out in the great big world? What kind of traveler would you be to the natives and their land? It’s inevitable that when you travel to a new, foreign place, you will fall into a specific “traveler” category. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It should be an honor that you have such privilege to go out of your comfort zone to find out. Which one are you?

Do you have a strong inclination to travel globally, but want to trek further than the mainstream vacation spot? Look no further – coming up are a few of the world’s most hidden destinations you could be sequestered in. Apart from the coming places, experts say there are even more covert havens that rarely rendezvous with human presence. Will you be one of the few that set foot?

There are two types of people when it comes to packing for a trip. Those who love it and those who hate it. There is no gray area – you either really enjoy making a list, checking it twice, and ensuring you have everything needed (and wanted) or you dread the idea. Whichever description you fall under, the following tips warrant a trip full of travel essentials that a minimalistic individual would fawn over – take notes!

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