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Have you ever pictured, or had a hand in, a food fight in your school cafeteria? If not, imagine that, but add about 19,000 more people, and tomatoes on every inch of you and your surroundings. Now you got yourself the biggest food fight ever known – the La Tomatina Festival. For the last seven decades, the town of Buñol, Spain and its residents, native and foreign, participate in this celebration. If you choose to take adventure into your own

Comfort food, it’s the chicken noodle soup that makes your soul feel spriggy, it’s the mac n’ cheese n’ mash potatoes that makes your second stomach jump out of its hiding place, or maybe it’s the apple pie that’s a little painful to eat because you definitely have a cavity, but screw it, It’s apple pie. Comfort foods are personal and different cuisines dish out different levels of nostalgia, sentiment, and comfort for each person. Here are some international dishes

If you feel similarly to my friend, you may be sick of coffee or caffeine in general, but unfortunately, caffeine is here to stay in your advertisements. Caffeine is the number one consumed psychostimulant [1] and is one of the most commonly consumed dietary ingredients [2] across the globe. 89% of the US population regularly consumes caffeine [3] and our top caffeinated beverage of choice is coffee [4]. But for the caffeine-cowboys out there, your fix might be the gamer

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