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During each black history month, it’s vital to keep an open mind. Maintaining a receptive awareness of the melting pot that is our world will only have you appreciating the traditions and wonders surrounding black culture. It can be easy to fall into the trap of utilizing practices inappropriately that were brought about by black ancestors for their offspring and lineage to continue in their modern-day. There is a difference between appreciating another culture and appropriating their culture, and today

One thing that is not focused on much when internationally traveling is jet lag, its effects, and preventative measures. Jet lag is not a serious issue that requires any medical attention. It is simply a bodily state resulting from prompt travel to a drastically different time zone. You won’t be feeling jet-lagged traveling from Connecticut to California… but more so when you’re traveling to Europe from the States. If you choose to study abroad, which is always an international outing,

With traveling the world comes traveling through history. You can’t forgo a destination’s past, especially if they have already been forgotten for so long. You can be the one to unearth the afflictions of the tremendous works of the Battle of Boquerón [bo-qi-ron], in Paraguay, South America.

Since 1966 an event by the name of Notting Hill Carnival has occurred in the streets of Ladbroke Grove, London, England. It’s not a typical street parade one would expect to take place on London’s normally populous roads. The Notting Hill Carnival celebrates the African-Caribbean traditions “of the post-1948 migration of peoples from the Caribbean,” and their previous collective and governmental positions that brought them to the United Kingdom (A History of Notting Hill Carnival).

If you are more of an active agent than a homebody, New Zealand’s atmosphere is just for you! While you can make any foreign location tourist-based, it’s a bit more difficult in New Zealand because of the range of invigorating outdoor activities there are. Because of the optimal moderation of perfect temperature and weather throughout a calendar year, the multitude of lively ventures, and your comfort zone, are boundless!

Something you truly will not understand without traveling outside of your nation is the insight of another culture’s way of life. How do their customs differ from yours when it comes to greeting another person or displaying certain table manners during a meal? Routine conventions of other foreign places signify the perpetual importance of diversity. For this reason, it’s pressing to be mindful and aware of different customs from other countries. With Globally Abroad, you can gain an entirely new

‘Global’ is a prefix that adorns itself over schools, companies, associations, and grocery markets. When you think of the word global, ‘exotic’ trade-deals and political agendas might come to mind, but how often is the word associated with empathy? Not money, not a desire to conquer and colonize, global citizenship is one phrase that embodies empathy.

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