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In honor of the new month of November, we thought a little history about one of nature’s most beautiful creations would be sufficient to share. Rooting from the Greek language, broke down to the meaning “flower of gold” or simply “golden flower” -- the Chrysanthemum is the birthday flower for individuals who are born during this month, which gives it its relevance. Besides the chrysanthemum variety’s autumn arrival, you can find them at any time of year in many variations

It’s one of those common questions – “what do fossils have to do with traveling?” The answer is it has so much to do with traveling AND history of life on Earth. If you choose to study abroad, particularly with the interest of paleontology in mind; which is the study of history of life on Earth centered on fossils, there are so many international places for you to adventure to that contain them. While wherever you are from likely has

With traveling the world comes traveling through history. You can’t forgo a destination’s past, especially if they have already been forgotten for so long. You can be the one to unearth the afflictions of the tremendous works of the Battle of Boquerón [bo-qi-ron], in Paraguay, South America.

Since 1966 an event by the name of Notting Hill Carnival has occurred in the streets of Ladbroke Grove, London, England. It’s not a typical street parade one would expect to take place on London’s normally populous roads. The Notting Hill Carnival celebrates the African-Caribbean traditions “of the post-1948 migration of peoples from the Caribbean,” and their previous collective and governmental positions that brought them to the United Kingdom (A History of Notting Hill Carnival).

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