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If money is the only thing standing between your dreams of studying abroad then there's no excuse not to book your next trip because there are plenty of ways to make money while living in another country. However if you're still in the planning stages, check out “How To Save For Future Travel” and “6 Proven Ways to Afford Study Abroad” on the Globally Abroad blog.

One thing that is not focused on much when internationally traveling is jet lag, its effects, and preventative measures. Jet lag is not a serious issue that requires any medical attention. It is simply a bodily state resulting from prompt travel to a drastically different time zone. You won’t be feeling jet-lagged traveling from Connecticut to California… but more so when you’re traveling to Europe from the States. If you choose to study abroad, which is always an international outing,

It’s one of those common questions – “what do fossils have to do with traveling?” The answer is it has so much to do with traveling AND history of life on Earth. If you choose to study abroad, particularly with the interest of paleontology in mind; which is the study of history of life on Earth centered on fossils, there are so many international places for you to adventure to that contain them. While wherever you are from likely has

Since 1966 an event by the name of Notting Hill Carnival has occurred in the streets of Ladbroke Grove, London, England. It’s not a typical street parade one would expect to take place on London’s normally populous roads. The Notting Hill Carnival celebrates the African-Caribbean traditions “of the post-1948 migration of peoples from the Caribbean,” and their previous collective and governmental positions that brought them to the United Kingdom (A History of Notting Hill Carnival).

As a parent or guardian, prioritizing your child’s safety and future means making difficult decisions. Letting your child study abroad might be one of them. Studying abroad can be expensive and might seem dangerous or intimidating; you might worry that the experience won’t match up to the expense, or you might fret over the well-being of your child in a new environment. These concerns are valid but studying abroad is more than just risks. Studying abroad provides long-term benefits for

Entering a new country, what can seem like a new world, can be uneasy regarding how to act and speak around the native people. Different nations possess different etiquette and ideas of how to do things and that can cause a newcomer to feel overwhelmed. This is no justification to act offensive to nor withdrawn from the culture, but an advantageous opportunity to practice mindfulness. This topic is a matter of being conscientious. Many of the ideas of respecting your

Beneath the excitement of planning a trip abroad is the reality of expenses. A lot of the time it can cause demotivation to those who struggle with money, to begin with. Although money is a tangible and significant part of reaching your destination, it is nothing compared to the intangible recollections you will have once you experience overseas. So, in turn, follow along for information that will help make funds the least of your worries and you can enjoy affording

Culture shock is a natural reaction of disorientation a person may feel when moving to or visiting a cultural environment that is quite dissimilar than their own. Modifying your daily routine while in a foreign country can be challenging, however, in one way or another you will have some guidance to overcoming culture shock when studying abroad. Discovering such an unaccustomed lifestyle coincides with experiencing certain stages of culture shock.

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