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Have you ever pictured, or had a hand in, a food fight in your school cafeteria? If not, imagine that, but add about 19,000 more people, and tomatoes on every inch of you and your surroundings. Now you got yourself the biggest food fight ever known – the La Tomatina Festival. For the last seven decades, the town of Buñol, Spain and its residents, native and foreign, participate in this celebration. If you choose to take adventure into your own

Mother’s day is here and if you haven’t crafted a card or gift yet, you may be experiencing gift-anxiety. Maybe, you experience it year-round with all the birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays that call for gifts. Even during travel abroad, gift-giving is becoming a tradition, especially when visiting someone’s house overseas for dinner or parties. But it might ease your worries to know that there’s no exactly one right way to gift something. Take a look at the various gift-giving traditions

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