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taking your pet abroad

Taking a pet while you travel abroad?

I’m not sure this piece applies to you if you are traveling abroad with your local university or academic institution – as there are different rules and regulations regarding the accompaniment of domesticized animals. And although Globally Abroad doesn’t have a program for them now, who knows what the future may hold. So, feel free to continue soaking in step-by-step guidelines for bringing a pet while studying abroad!

Step 1: Inquire about Immigration Status
Like any country, there are immigration laws. There are even immigration laws and statuses regarding your furry family members. With international travel comes the typical feeling of intimidation and homesickness so the idea of having your fur friend by your side ensures more comfort. Depending on your chosen destination, they each developed their own requirements for pet travel. For example, if the UK is your travel destination, you must begin your research here. Fair warning – it seems they only accept cats, dogs, and ferrets as travel companions to their country. If you are to arrive in Australia for your studies abroad, start by clicking and inspecting this page. Keep in mind, in many cases the pet will need to remain in a quarantine facility to guarantee he or she has no disease. For general European nations, some have different regulations than others, visit this website to verify all information. It’s vital to double-check and confirm you have all documents, vaccines, and information about your pet up to date, so this process of immigration status is less difficult. An additional tip – make sure all other formalities are secured for your arrival back to your country after your studies.

Step 2: Pick a Pet-Friendly Airline and Get Familiar
You may not be selective when choosing an airline for yourself, but it is much needed when you’re bringing along your pet, as airlines can then be the selective ones. Subsequent to checking online specifications, call the airline of choice to confirm that the route to your destination permits pets. A helpful tip to remember is to not select a flight that includes a layover. A connecting flight will create more stress for your furry friend unless it is long enough for you to take them out for a little break. Since there are always pet travel restrictions regarding crate guidelines and such, check out this page to read over airlines’ rules and regulations. AGAIN – call the airline to fully ensure you have all the information correct and make it clear that you are traveling with a pet. You may have to pay quite a load extra with your pet tagging along. This may include also buying a pet carrier that is approved by the airline if you do not already own one. Lastly, in logistics, decide if you will be taking your animal in the cabin (flying with you) or checked (having your pet ‘stored’ in parking ramps and baggage handling areas). It can get between 45 and 80-degrees Fahrenheit within the luggage storage, so keep that in mind as well.

Step 3: Getting to the Airport and Ready to Go
Once you have completed your research, be sure to also have your pet’s items in order. Most importantly, have your pet chipped and all of their personal care items prepared for their trip. Chipping your pet ensures its security in case he or she became lost or stolen. No need to be apprehensive though. Although those instances can be possible, if you carry out these steps explained, it all will go smoothly. With chipping, you want to make sure it is a chip that can be read in the country you’re going to, as to have the same smooth process upon leaving. In addition to this chip, include a collar with an ID tag and phone number(s) on it. It’s the emergency contact for your pet! Just as you would hate to forget anything for yourself when packing, double-check your pet’s packing list so you don’t forget anything. Here, I made you a list: a leash (if applicable or needed), a bowl for food and water, plastic bags for waste or oopsies, absorbent diapers and pads, and canned food. Don’t bring unpacked food like treats, those are not allowed passed TSA. One of the most important tips is as follows: INCLUDE UP TO DATE VACCINATION DOCUMENTS. This is extremely vital while traveling with a pet internationally. Airlines and airports do the same with humans so it shouldn’t be any exception with a pet – we must protect them at all costs! Alongside recent vaccination records, have on-hand proof of an approved veterinarian checkup that should have happened a week before your travel date. We all know the stresses of checking into an airport with just ourselves or a group of people. So, to cushion the blow of further stress of checking in with a pet, by all means, arrive early! It may require less sleep, but you’ve got a whole plane ride to catch up on that.


Don’t forget, all of this travel will exhaust your pet as much as it exhausts you. You both are on this Globally Abroad journey together, and you will make the most of the extraordinary discoveries you witness. Always remember to time manage well, get items and tasks completed early, and lists are your friends! Enjoy the adventure of a lifetime with your best pet friend!

Article was written by Rebekah Mamola

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