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teaching ESL abroad

Teaching ESL While (Studying) Abroad

Most people know how challenging it can be to seek out employment after getting our degree. We know the requirements of having 2-5 years of experience under our belt and the, sometimes outrageous, prerequisites that are labeled a necessity for acceptance at a job. But have you ever come across the idea of teaching English as a second language pre-graduation, in a different country?

Despite your ongoing studies or the gap year you are wishing to take, you are still able to teach English abroad prior to receiving your degree. What?! Yes, that is absolutely possible! Even if you are in between declaring your major or simply wanting to adventure for the summer, teaching abroad can be an extraordinary opportunity to build up your academic portfolio! However, there is certain protocol necessary before you can get started.

So, you don’t need a degree – to be absolutely clear – but what formalities do you need to be covered to warrant your potential hand at teaching? Fasten your seat because there isn’t one, single answer.

Not holding a degree can minimize opportunities, but there are teaching options available to you globally. Some suggested steps, that will soon be mentioned, aren’t required, but they could enable you to earn additional teaching opportunities.

A few suggestions are as follows:

1. English as your first language
Your proficiency in English is what international companies or schools search for. Foreign nations need your adept language performance to thoroughly deliver to those in need.

2. Becoming TEFL certified
Most important to know, you do not need to have a degree in order to get a TEFL certification. Considering this certification’s use is incessant – it lasts forever – it is constructive to invest in. The TEFL courses are practically self-teaching so you can go at your own rate while maintaining your school, work, and other already-planned schedules.

3. Gain teaching experience in your community
Volunteering to help in your local community library or educational institution will let you decide if you truly have an interest in teaching. It could also call for employers to provide extra incentive to choose you instead of someone else. If this physical gig wouldn’t fit into your schedule, you could also apply to online English teaching positions with companies that hire English educators who are currently working for their degree. Just be watchful, some companies require experience, but some do not. Now go jump in!

If you wish to teach abroad before you graduate, the most convenient way to get there is to volunteer locally. The majority of the time, you will either not be paid or you will receive a small compensation, but if you truly want it, it’s more about the experience than the capital. As a volunteer, you can choose whether you want to devote yourself short-term or long-term and, subject to the certain program, the type of teaching you want to do. Don’t worry though, if you are not ready to be a full-on teacher, you can always function as a tutor or teaching assistant to start out.

Something that isn’t widely known about academic institutions is their proposals of scholarships and grants. If you are already studying for your degree in a field that correlates with education or linguistics, then your school may offer financial support to you. If you are curious about teaching abroad for a semester at an academic non-profit organization, depending on your institution, you could receive course credit! Remember to seek out any information that might be helpful in your travel abroad endeavors and stay inquisitive.

Article was written by Rebekah Mamola

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