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Summer 2023

Barcelona: The Spanish Immersion

Barcelona: The Spanish Immersion

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To learn more about program dates and how to enroll in this particular program, please contact us for more information.

Summer 2023

Program Dates

There’s something to delight everyone in Barcelona. Whether you crave to taste luscious Spanish cuisines, learn the Catalan’s culture, or wish to glimpse the full allure of the inexhaustible architecture and urban beaches, you’re spoiled for choice on what to see, learn or do in Barcelona.


This inaugural program, Barcelona: The Spanish Immersion, has a special concentration embracing the language, food, and culture. Participants will have the opportunity to learn the Spanish language or perfect the Spanish language they already speak. It is designed for older teens and young adults as it is the ideal program for more independent youth. As they encounter the best of both Catalonia and Spain, participants are in for a real treat.

Excited, yet? You should be. We are certainly excited to see you in Barcelona. What are you waiting for? Take the next step to becoming a global citizen.

21 Days
18+ Age
  • Program Destination:
  • Program Date:
  • Dress Code
    Casual, comfortable and light
  • Included:
    Activities & Excursions
    Airport Transfer
    Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Language Certificate
    Pre-Departure Training
    Travel Medical Insurance
  • Not Included:
    Community Service Hours
    Personal Expenses
    Trip Cancellation Coverage

Program Location

Barcelona is a city settled in the country of Spain. It is positioned between the Mediterranean seacoast and spectacular mountain tops. It has an area range of 39 square miles with a city population of a whopping 1,620,343. The program location will be held mainly in Barcelona with excursions to the city of Madrid and Costa Brava.

History of the City
History indicates that the Iberian Laietani was the first tribe to inhabit the area. The Romans claimed it and named it the capital of the region. Interestingly, the Roman influence is still felt to date. As the city continued to thrive, there was a great demand for more political freedom. When the industrial revolution began to take shape around the 19th century, Barcelona grew to a great, powerful city. A tour to Barcelona City History museum should take you through Barcelona’s ancient history in detail.  


GBA offers two (2) accommodation choices for this program: a shared apartment or host family. Both options are gender-segregated. Please note: there is an additional charge of $164 to stay with a host family.
Shared Apartment
The shared apartment will house four participants in a two-bedroom apartment. Each room will serve as double occupancy and will accommodate a kitchen, living room, and one bathroom.
Host Family
The host family will house 1 to 2 participants, depending on availability and preference. Each host has been interviewed, reviewed, and selected with care. The criteria for host selection are comfort and cleanliness in the homes, the safety of the family and the neighborhood, kindness, and friendliness of the hosts and proximity to the school. Evaluations from previous (Lingual School) students are received after every stay with a host family and shared apartment unit. Preferences from students will be met to the best of our ability but can not be guaranteed.   For safety cares, we do not disclose the names or locations of participant accommodations, publicly. Each participant will have access to their accommodation information after the final confirmation and prior to the program departure.

Spanish Class Enrollment

GBA has partnered with Lingual School in Barcelona to offer participants Spanish language courses. Participants will have the option to enroll as a beginner Spanish speaker or test into a higher Spanish level. The class timetable is from 9.30-13.30. Classes run from Monday to Friday. After the program is complete, participants will receive a certificate which indicates the number of classes followed and the achieved Spanish level.

Program Terms and Conditions

Each participant must agree to the Program Terms & Conditions outlined here. Upon acceptance into a program, participants and or if the participant is a minor, then the parents/guardian must endorse it on their behalf.

Program Payment & Refund

GBA accepts program tuition in full at any time. Payment options are also available to participants who require an extended amount of time. There is a two-month deadline for all program payments whether paying in full or paying with the following three (3) payment plans:

1. Max10 - allows participants to secure ten monthly installments with the final installment paid no later than two months before the program start date.

2. Super5 - allows participants to secure five monthly installments with the final installment paid no later than two months before the program start date. 3. Accel4 - allows any participant who registers after the after five-month time frame and wishes to take advantage of a payment plan. This is an accelerated installment and all payments must be arranged biweekly to meet the final payment deadline.   Upon completion of the application and enrollment fee, if a participant opts to pay the outstanding program amount in full, the entire amount must be paid no later than 30-days following program acceptance. For participants who would like to take advantage of the GBA's payment plans, the initial payment must be paid no later than 30-days following program acceptance. GBA accepts full-tuition enrollment after the two-month deadline upon availability.

(For example: If the program start date is July 15th and a participant enrolls on or after April 15th, the entire program amount will be due upon acceptance).

  Any enrollment made prior to January 30th is eligible for a full refund. After January 30th, the enrollment fee is non-refundable however is eligible for transfer to another program within the same year and up to the following year. Enrollment fees will no longer be transferable after one year.   Program payments are refundable minus any non-refundable expenses paid on a participant's behalf. Non-refundable expenses may include but are not limited to an application fee, deposits made on accommodations, activities, transportation, meals, etc. Trip cancellation (by the participant) on or after the program start date is non-refundable. GBA recommends purchasing an extra layer of protection by acquiring trip cancellation coverage. Click here for more details.   No refund is given for any unused program features, whether because of participant's choice, bad weather, or any other reason. Participants should understand that they are responsible for any costs if early program departure occurs, whether for medical reasons, participant dismissal, personal emergencies, or otherwise.

Airfare & Group Travel

Each participant will be responsible for the purchase of their airfare to and from the program destination. GBA will make efforts to advise participants on when the best time to purchase flights. To avoid flight misfortunes, participants should wait to purchase their flights until they have been notified by GBA.   Participants will have an option to travel with either their Program Leader or a GBA representative to the program destination. A memo will be sent out (6 months prior to departure) detailing the city, state, and airport. Those wanting to take advantage of the group travel option will meet at the designated airport. From there, the group will travel to the program destination.

Travel Insurance

Travel "Medical" Insurance is provided in every abroad program. GBA has partnered with IMG (International Medical Group) to provide exceptional medical insurance while abroad. This is a required component of the program and GBA will not supplement nor reimburse participants should they already have medical insurance. Participants will automatically be registered in the insurance plan upon program enrollment. GBA recommends purchasing an extra layer of protection by acquiring trip cancellation coverage. Click here for more details on travel insurance and trip cancellation coverage.


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