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Traveling Safe During Unprecedented Times

Traveling Safe During Unprecedented Times

Right now, it is imperative to adopt a collectivistic view. It is important to think globally if you have not been already. It can be easy to put yourself in a bubble at a time like this; a time where everywhere you look there seems to be another domino razed. This is what it can feel like in unprecedented times – during a global pandemic.

As some countries and regions are appearing to lift their strict guidelines of staying home, it is still not entirely safe to go back to “normal” life, especially in hot spots. Although with the lifting of these guidelines, that means airports and other transportation means are becoming more lenient, therefore permitting people to travel. While the coast is not completely clear to go about sheer daily life, there are in fact many people traveling via airplane. So, on account of that, here are some strongly recommended (and in some places mandatory) tips for traveling safely during unprecedented times if you so choose to.

Wash Your Hands (as often as possible)
This is key when you are finished with any sort of interaction in public. If you are going to be traveling on an airplane, a bus, train, RV, even in your own vehicle – wash your hands as soon as you can. To be better prepared before you are able to get to a handwashing station, keep hand sanitizer (that is at least 60% in alcohol content) in your possession and apply it after said interaction. Especially during these times, there is no reason for you not to have at least one on hand. In addition to your own, for others’ safety, do the same after blowing your nose, sneezing, coughing, and explicitly before touching your face. This is a very elementary and reiterative method, but it is widely ignored because of apathetic disregard from some. All of this so far sounds like a broken record. That is clear, but it needs to remain consistent whether or not others believe it to be contributing to the temporary relief of the spread. Also – keep a myriad of lotion with you as well because your hands will become dehydrated. Overall, stay prepared! Keep supply, but not too much where there aren’t enough for others. Now is not the time to be greedy.

Abstain Close Contact to Others
We all understand how difficult it can be going weeks without embracing our friends, or family, or significant other. Doing so amidst these unprecedented times will only make the reunion sweeter. This is why another important guideline to have integrity in is social distancing. Visiting your friends at the park to have a picnic and remaining physically distant is well accepted, but it is possible to get caught up in the moment (or plainly not care) and evade the act of social distancing completely. When you are traveling, though, that safe space is easier to submit to as it is rigorously enforced. It is urgent to remember these standards are not to infringe on anyone’s consent. It is only keeping in mind the safety of everyone involved.

Wear a Cloth Face Covering
This method seems to be the most frowned upon. While traveling in public, no matter the capacity of the space you’re in, wearing a face mask protects everyone in that space. It can be difficult, and it can be pesky, that is valid, but it is only for a limited time and its effects are not detrimental. In order to be shielded from the unknown on the other side of the mask (because you do not know the status of others around you), wear the mask! Educate yourself. It’s normal to be wary and scared, and not want to believe the reality, but it’s also normal to change your perspective on stances to match that reality. Follow through and look outside yourself.

Stay United, Noble, and Cooperative
Some working individuals have no choice but to attend their job during these unprecedented times. Individuals such as flight attendants, airport security, bus and train drivers, and a plethora of other transportation aides are in the center of this angst, as well as many other fields. Remember to be courteous; thank the personnel you encounter and above all, be mindful of what they are putting on the line in order for you to travel. Respect and listen to what you are advised to do or not to do. There is enough confusion and division. Be that ease for yourself and others in this unprecedented chapter.

Pursuant to the CDC’s proposed directions, develop a plan for what you are to do regarding daily meals and water, supplying yourself enough medicine if applicable, and take proper steps to protect yourself from COVID-19 so long as you are traveling or are in any public place, including but not limited to hotels, AirBNBs, etc. Stay safe.

Article was written by Rebekah Mamola

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