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Ways to Feel at Home While Abroad

Ways To Feel at Home While Abroad

Traveling abroad is an opportunity that most students regret not taking while in college. Just a few of the perks of traveling abroad while in school is that it’s often much cheaper and allows more opportunity to easily meet people, and make connections.

Even amid your abroad experience, when the day is over and you finished sightseeing, learning new languages, and making friends, it’s possible to become a little homesick. This is natural and below are simple ways you can make yourself feel more at home by customizing your room across the globe.

A Map on the Wall
If you find yourself feeling alone, and missing home, take some time to think about all the amazing things you’re experiencing. Try getting a Map on the wall, mark home as well as all the cool places you’ve visited with push pins while abroad! Sometimes visualizing your accomplishments can uplift, and motivate.

A Collage
One of the easiest ways to bring all your favorite memories from home is to make a collage with all your favorite pictures of friends and family. It’ll help you feel more at home. Also, don’t be afraid to add new photos from your experience abroad to build the collage even more!

Candle from Home
Scents from home can often embody the most nostalgic smells and one of the best ways to make yourself feel at home is to bring a candle from home with a familiar scent. Burn it whenever you need to bring a little slice of home to your room overseas.

Create a Comfort Dish
When I’m feeling down the first that will automatically bring my mood back is good food! They call it comfort food for a reason! Try creating a comforting dish from your childhood that maybe your mom used to make, whether it’s oxtail and rice or box macaroni and cheese. Whatever gives you a warm feeling when you take your first bite.

Small Snuggle Friend
Bring your softest item to cuddle up with, maybe it’s a stuffed animal, or blanket that makes you feel comfortable. When you’re feeling lonely, cuddle up for a nap between site seeing and having lunch with your friends.

Most importantly remember that this could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. So enjoy this time abroad! Make friends and make the best of your experience. Talk about how your feeling with a friend abroad with you, chances are you’re not the only one feeling this way. Also, don’t forget to share your experience with your friends and family by giving them a call every so often. They want to know about all the exciting things you’re seeing! Be sure to check out the Globally Abroad blog page for more tips and tricks to make the most of your abroad experience.

Article written by Jelani Bonds.

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