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what does global travel mean to you?

What global travel means to you?

It is a real inspiration seeing others in your life seek out their own adventures beyond the homestead while scrolling through socials. But then time goes on, your thoughts thicken with curiosity – shouldn’t you do the same? It doesn’t have to be the most extravagant place, but shouldn’t you be out there pursuing your driving force as well? We won’t always know what awaits us out in the world we have yet to see. Be that as it may, it is worthwhile to find out what traveling global with Globally Abroad means for you.

It means:

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone
This is probably one of the most important, and scary, reasons to get out into the world. You can’t step outside of yourself if you remain anchored to your normalcy. It’s soothing to establish a comfort level, but what more can you learn from it? Diving into uncomfortable circumstances provides you with the tools to become a more competent and better-informed person. Once you voluntarily seek out and find that unconventional footing, learn how to identify with other individuals; places; and cultural climates, you will grow as you go.

Building Confidence
While visiting a foreign place, depending on your experience and personal nature, it will seem like obstacles are being thrown at you from every corner. This evidently happens when inhibition is high, and confidence is low. It is typical to have insecurities trump self-assurance in an event like this. Unless you’re untamed and ready for anything, ever, in a foreign nation, do not worry. As you overcome those obstacles of catching on to native conversation or joining the country’s public activities, your confidence and potential to acclimate in foreign situations will improve! That is always a win in the book of travel.

Developing Cultural Perceptivity
The notion of cultural sensitivity is unnecessarily controversial. That is because many individuals in Western culture see their customs as the epicenter of the world. Practicing, or merely attempting to understand, the scope of cultural sensitivity is a surefire way of becoming a global citizen who is globally aware. It all starts with having direct encounters with or in foreign nations. As much as you can learn from doing research online, nothing surpasses a learning experience like candidly existing in a situation that gushes cultural insight. Encountering such different norms, like how people of Spain revere 2-3-hour naps and lunches in the middle of their workday because they want more personal time with their family rather than rushing a sandwich to their mouth at their work desk, is intriguing. Not only is it thought-provoking but it also gives us a deeper understanding into international affairs and disputes. Developing your personal sense of cultural sensitivity will help you in general with communication skills and truly open up your mind to adjust ways of thinking.

Adapting to Globalization and Receiving Networking Options
With all platforms of the internet literally skyrocketing in usage, it’s inevitable for the growth of globalization. It’s within the bounds of possibility you will end up with a job that includes traveling for business or somehow be connected with international business associates. Again, in this circumstance, it would be imperative to be culturally sensitive. Having lived or visited abroad can help you competitively, and, in turn, will help make you successful. Why not throw in learning a foreign language, too – no harm in that; it may even bolster your status with your international associates. Working internationally can link you to valuable connections within your r network. A myriad of careers and positions rely on those types of connections you have.

Traveling globally allows you to extend into something that will only take you and your future, forward. It can mentally free you; it can give you an escape, and it can make you a global citizen. So, be confident, be aware, and stay out of your comfort zone!

Article was written by Rebekah Mamola

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