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What Kind of Traveler Are You?

What Kind of Traveler Are You?

Have you ever thought about what kind of person you would be out in the great big world? What kind of traveler would you be to the natives and their land? It’s inevitable that when you travel to a new, foreign place, you will fall into a specific “traveler” category. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It should be an honor that you have such a privilege to go out of your comfort zone to find out. Which one are you?

The Tourist
Global countries have the inevitability of having tourists flood their cities and towns. Most first-time international travelers reap the benefits (or disadvantages) of this ‘Tourist’ title. Considering the trek to an out-of-country place for the first time can be nerve-racking, people sticking to the mainstream destinations and touristic activities are expected. This notion of tourists being bothersome to natives isn’t persistent. Sure, there are people who visit other countries and act unduly; those people exist; but just know that being a tourist is not a negative category to be in. Visiting an unfamiliar place, particularly for the first time, is all-around exhilarating. So don’t be guilty about visiting all the hot spots! It’s your getaway.

The Gatherer
This term sounds so nomadic-like, but there really are people out there who travel solely to add to their souvenir or mental collection! It’s popular for individuals to gather keepsakes that will remind them of a certain trip when they head home. Some keepsakes involve sand, nick-knacks, or simply just physical experiences like going to a local Italian winery where you stomp grapes! If this is you, though, make sure you bring an extra-large suitcase to make some room for the memorabilia you do take home. It’s all fun and games when you’re running amuck around a new city, buying a souvenir at every other vendor or store, but becomes inconvenient when you can’t fit everything in for the trip home.

The Colonizer
Colonizers seek locations that are off the beaten path. The search of those places that are rarely heard of is usually unsuspecting by mainstream masses, which makes these individuals relish unique experiences in those unfamiliar places even more. There’s not a whole lot to reveal about these types of travelers. You might have to explore the revels of that #PioneerLife firsthand to truly follow the footpath of a colonizer expedition.

The Identity Pursuer
This traveler’s traveling purpose is to find their personal purpose. They insist on traveling alone to really feel out this new place they are exploring, in order to find themselves or some sort of ethereal significance. The soul seeker necessitates the gaining of new knowledge on this trip; whether it be reflection or change. For this type of trip, it’s important to enter with an open mind.

The Castaway
It’s a popular concept for people to want to travel to “escape” the reality of the world. The Castaway is that person. These travelers are sometimes lost. Lost in their ways and trying to find themselves or trying to avoid themselves and the commotion they bring. Being temporarily set in this way is not pessimistic or cynical, it’s fair and valid. It shows the breadth of emotions in humans. It is a way to express those emotions. It is something to just dive straight into because regardless of your reason to get away, the world is still your oyster.

The Nature Lover
There is an insane amount of world to see. All of its different landscapes, creatures, and attributes; the world is a massive museum for traveling nature lovers. These specific travelers will never not be exploring the outdoors. They will be climbing cliffs, jumping through jungles, and fawning over old forests. You will most likely witness nature connoisseurs on safaris in all varieties of terrain, learning more about the organisms that dwell in them. Nature lovers are always on their toes when seeking the next exotic location.

The Photographer
For the traveling photographers, travel means picture-taking; every minute on the minute, more or less. They will mainly be hidden behind their camera lens where there is food, animals, natives, beautiful scenery; though they will make a cameo once in a while. So, if you’re one to be quite averse to technological overload, it’s suggested to not travel with a photographer… because they will be relentless in their picture-taking escapades. They just really enjoy looking back on memories made! We all have our affinities.

The Planner
The organizers, the likely-decision makers, the researchers… they will try to make the most out of a trip while doing the absolute maximum. If you’re going on a voyage with a planner-type traveler, buckle your seat belts. This person will schedule everything beforehand; before you even think about what you are going to pack. The planner will have an in-detail, from hour to hour (maybe even minute to minute) itinerary of the trip’s stops and breaks. They mean business. They will tire you out but will also make sure you have the best time. And don’t be surprised when you visit native places and the planner has a laundry list of facts they researched prior to arriving. You’re in for a real ride, whether you’re the planner type or not.

The Culture Creep
Last but not least, there will always be the traveler who just soaks in all cultural aspects around them. They not only want to absorb all the knowledge and history of the culture within its art galleries and museums, but they also want to thoroughly comprehend the deepest roots of the culture. This traveler will load up on immense research before their trip. They self-educate, then get to experience the cultural philosophies directly when they arrive. The culture creep will not steal or commandeer the historical resources they observe, for they have the consideration to modestly appreciate. It is a whole other world for them to flee to and learn about.

Apart from this listing, there are so many more types of travelers. You may not see one you feel you fit into. We are all unique in what we desire out of travel experience. You may picture yourself in more than one of the above categories. Comment below and let us know which traveler you are.

Article was written by Rebekah Mamola

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